SharpEagle’s Comprehensive Forklift Safety Solutions Revolutionise Safety at IIFCO Delmon – Yanbu Saudi

SharpEagle, a trusted provider of cutting-edge safety solutions, is proud to share that it has successfully supplied its advanced forklift safety solutions to IIFCO Delmon – Yanbu Saudi, a leading fertiliser manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. The company’s comprehensive safety system, which includes a Forklift Camera System, a 7″ LCD Monitor, an MDVR, AV Cables, a Danger Light-Red, a Spot Light-Blue, and an Anti-Collision System, has significantly improved safety conditions at the client’s facility, ensuring a safer and more efficient work environment.

IIFCO Delmon – Yanbu Saudi: A Leading Industrial Chemical Manufacturer’s Empowering Agriculture with Innovative Fertilisers.

IFCO Delmon: Yanbu Saudi is a prominent fertiliser company in the Yanbu Industrial City in Saudi Arabia. The company produces and distributes various fertilisers for various agricultural applications, including urea, ammonium nitrate, and phosphate. With a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, IIFCO Delmon – Yanbu Saudi has established itself as a leading player in the global fertiliser industry, serving customers worldwide with its high-quality products and services.

Challenges Hindering Forklift Safety: The Issues Faced by IIFCO Delmon – Yanbu Saudi.

IIFCO Delmon: Yanbu Saudi experienced various safety difficulties in their day-to-day operations before working with SharpEagle. The company struggled to maintain a safe and secure workplace environment due to the constant movement of forklifts and other heavy equipment within their facility. In particular, the client was concerned about the risk of collisions between forklifts and pedestrians and the potential for accidents resulting from poor visibility and limited visibility from the forklift operator’s perspective.

Revolutionising Forklift Safety: SharpEagle’s Cutting-Edge Solutions.

To address these challenges, SharpEagle recommended installing its comprehensive forklift safety solutions, including a range of cutting-edge products designed to enhance workplace safety. These products include the Forklift Camera System (Non-Ex-Proof), 7″ LCD Monitor (Waterproof), MDVR, AV Cables, Danger Light-Red, Spot Light-Blue, and Anti-Collision System.

The Forklift Camera System (Non-Ex-Proof) features a high-definition camera mounted on the forklift to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the surrounding environment. The 7″ LCD Monitor (Waterproof) provides a clear and vivid display of the camera feed, allowing the forklift operator to see their surroundings and avoid potential hazards easily. The MDVR records and stores all camera footage for future review and analysis, allowing the client to discover areas for improvement and implement remedial action as needed.

In addition to the camera system, SharpEagle also installed the Danger Light-Red and Spot Light-Blue, which provide visual cues to pedestrians and other workers, alerting them to the presence of a forklift and its direction of travel. The Anti-Collision System uses advanced sensors and algorithms to detect potential collisions and alert the forklift operator to take corrective action.

Unbeatable Benefits: How SharpEagle’s Forklift Safety Solutions Are Revolutionising Workplace Safety.

By implementing SharpEagle’s forklift safety solutions, IIFCO Delmon – Yanbu Saudi has improved workplace safety and reduced the risk of accidents and injuries. The camera system and LCD monitor provide the forklift operator with a clear view of their surroundings, allowing them to avoid potential hazards and make informed decisions while navigating the facility.

The Danger Light-Red and Spot Light-Blue provide visual cues to pedestrians and other workers, reducing the risk of collisions and improving overall safety. The Anti-Collision System detects potential collisions and alerts the forklift operator, allowing them to take corrective action before an accident occurs.

IIFCO Delmon – Yanbu Saudi Applauds SharpEagle’s Forklift Safety Solutions.

According to a spokesperson from IIFCO Delmon – Yanbu Saudi, “We are extremely pleased with the installation of SharpEagle’s forklift safety solutions. The products have significantly improved our safety conditions, allowing us to create a safer workplace environment for our employees. The camera system and LCD monitor have provided our forklift operators a clear view of their surroundings, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. The Danger Light-Red and Spot Light-Blue have also been instrumental in reducing the risk of collisions. In contrast, the Anti-Collision System has helped us detect potential accidents before they occur. We highly recommend SharpEagle.

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