7 Types of Forklift Safety Lights and their functions

The role of forklifts today has become extremely crucial, especially in the past two decades as e-commerce, and industrial activities have increased to new levels. Fork trucks carry loads of goods in large areas such as warehouses and dockyards. And this has to be done regularly owing to the logistics demand across the world. But these loading and transporting activities come with a lot of risks, and without genuine accessories or equipment, safe and efficient operation in these industrial setups cannot be guaranteed. One of those significant pieces of equipment is forklift lights, which can be beneficial for the safety of the workers and the expensive goods they carry. We will know about different types of forklift safety lights in the below paras, understand their wide variety of use during operations, and how they make the working atmosphere safe and secure.

➢ Types of forklift lights and their uses

First, let’s know the different types of forklift safety lights before we get on to their uses and importance.

1. Forklift Arc Light

Forklift Arc Safety Light projects a beam on the surface to protect the pedestrians from coming into contact with the forklift. It is encased in cast aluminum alloy housing, while the double insulated silicon rubberized wiring ensures working under extreme temperatures. For additional safety, the arc lights are covered by tempered glass and come with 100 percent water and dustproof.

forklift arc light

2. Forklift Red Danger Light

Red is a symbol of danger, and this one does the same to keep the walkers safe from collision and fatal injuries from the impact of the forklift’s rear end swing. The high-powered Forklift red danger lights remind the pedestrians to maintain a safe zone.

Forklift red danger light

3. Forklift Laser Light

As denoted by the name, the laser light beam projection helps raise risk awareness and fight slackness. The Forklift laser light shows the exact fork position to increase productivity, safety and reduce transportation time.

Forklift laser light

4. Forklift Blue SpotLight

Forklift blue spotlight is yet another classical tool to alert the pedestrians and other vehicles approaching. The high-powered LED lights shine on the pedestrians and warn them, especially when the forklift is approaching a blind intersection or crossing aisles. The casting aluminum alloy covering and IP67 rating makes them suitable for all kinds of environments.

Forklift blue spotlight

5. Forklift Blue Arrow Light

Forklift blue arrow light is a one-of-a-kind forklift safety system that sends a clear visual alert to the workers who are behind the reversing forklift. The 3W high-powered LED lights project a large bright arrow on the surface which can be up to 20 feet away. The lights are easy to install and very energy efficient.

forklift arrow light

6. Forklift beacon light

This emergency Forklift beacon light is attached to the light beacon, which rotates and flashes during operation and provides 360-degree coverage. The warning lights are encapsulated in a tempered glass cover with casting aluminum alloy housing for dissipating heat efficiently.

forklift warning light

7. Overhead Crane Light

An overhead crane warning light ensures the proper placement of the hook and, at the same time, warns the pedestrians to keep a safe distance while the crane is in motion. With 72W high-powered LEDs, the overhead crane lights provide excellent visibility to the driver.

overhead crane light

➢  Importance of Forklift Lights

The key motive of Forklift safety lights is to alert pedestrians and other forklift operators about the presence of the forklift in their vicinity and enlarge the warning area. The lights prevent rear-end collisions and foot injuries by making a noticeable boundary around the forklift. The sturdy design of these safety lights can also withstand vibrations and shocks as forklifts are devoid of any conventional suspension setup. Besides, as the forklifts fetch and transport heavy loads, carrying such an enormous weight, especially on the slopes, can be challenging without any safety accessories. Forklift lights, when combined with speed limiter and forklift camera systems, can further enhance safety and allow easy negotiations on the slopes, preventing a potential collision.With efficient illumination, these lights create trails for the docking forklift trucks by projecting outlines, and safety signage in and out.

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