How To Improve Your Team’s Productivity With Field Service Software?

Field service software optimizes the end-to-end business operation. Though it offers many advantages to companies, the most intriguing is enhancing employee productivity. Read on this blog to find out how it does so in detail!

Doesn’t it still overwhelm you to remember when you visited clients’ places to take orders? Regardless of whether it is your first job or your first order as an entrepreneur, some activities and incidents are unforgettable.

Though it was easier to manage field sales during the initial days of your business, now that you are flourishing, it might be becoming a challenge for you. Isn’t it? The solution is field service software. The software not only optimizes field force operations but also improves team productivity. Do you want to know what it is and how it boosts employee efficiency? Keep reading this blog to find out!

What is Field Service Software? 

Field service management software is a solution that optimizes end-to-end business workflows. It helps managers monitor their workforce in real time. Furthermore, the software reduces the chances of human errors by automating the entire operation. It provides a range of features to improve workforce productivity. These features include: 

  • Employee task monitoring software
  • Leave and attendance management software
  • Expense management software 
  • Real-time performance reports 
  • Order management software 
  • Custom forms and fields 
  • Voice and text messaging tool
  • Battery and Network Reports

All of the above features contribute to maximizing a team’s productivity. How? Let’s find out in the upcoming section! 

How Does Field Service Software Boost Employee Productivity? 

Here are some ways in which field service apps help companies boost employee productivity: 

  • Remote Attendance Management

Field service monitoring software helps a remote workforce beat the clock by marking their attendance remotely. It helps the employees save their time from extra commutes to and from the office and focus on doing more productive tasks.

  • Optimizing Task Allocation 

With field service management software, the manager can assign tasks based on employees’ availability and real-time location. For instance, Harvey already has four tasks on his plate, whereas Louis has only two tasks for the day. Through a real-time employee monitoring feature, a manager found that both were near the client’s place. Harvey may fail to accomplish his tasks if new tasks are assigned to him. Whereas Louis would be able to complete it because he has limited tasks on his plate.

  • Providing Data-Driven Insights 

Though Louis in the above example has been assigned a new task, it cannot be denied that his performance is much better than Harvey’s. Louis was able to complete his tasks before the deadlines. But how did the manager come to know about this data-driven insight? Yes, you have it right! Field service software provides real-time insights about target vs. achievement reports. The manager can use these reports to make well-informed decisions and provide development training to the non-satisfactory performing employees. 

  • Streamlining Communication 

The most common gap between a field force and the employer is streamlined communication. Isn’t it? Field service monitoring software bridges this gap by providing in-built communication tools. Unlike personal messaging apps, field service apps also provide unreachable reports. Thus, the manager can easily determine if an employee’s phone is out of the network area, in flight mode, or switched off. 

  • Easy Documentation 

With field service management software, companies can organize documents on a single platform. Whether it is employee reimbursement bills or any other attachments, both employers and employees can upload the documents. Thus, the software automates the processes, reduces the paperwork, and enhances team productivity. 

The Best Field Service Software For Your Business 

Companies must take certain factors into consideration before investing in field service monitoring software. These factors include, system’s features, mobile accessibility, integration capabilities, user-friendliness, and the cost.

TrackoField is the best field service app that provides robust features to companies. The software is easy-to-use and offers innovative features like expense management solutions, task management software, order management software, leave and attendance management software, and many others.

Our software is designed to cater to the unique needs of the companies. This means the software can easily be customized and integrated with other applications.  Try our software now!


In conclusion, field service software is an automation tool that optimizes business operations. The software offers a variety of features to enhance team productivity. It saves time, optimizes task allocation, streamlines communication, and makes documentation easier and more organized. TrackoField provides the best field service monitoring software for businesses. Try the software now! Schedule your trial with us.

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