7 Top Explosion-Proof Lights For The Oil and Gas Industry

7 Top Explosion-Proof Lights For The Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas industries contain up to 4000 types of gaseous particles in the atmosphere due to chemicals in the surrounding atmosphere. These are highly flammable and susceptible to causing explosions. Hence it is important to equip such high-risk industrial environments with equipment that reduces the chances of catastrophic explosions.

Explosion-proof lightsare sophisticated tools for low-light or no-light industrial areas because they are made robustly to prevent sparks from escaping the case and mixing with the flammable particles in the surrounding atmosphere.

Oil and gas industries operate 24/7 with heavy pieces of machinery. Such busy and high-risk locations require sufficient lighting to monitor the work and provide complete visibility for functioning smoothly.

7 types of explosion-proof lights designed primarily for oil and gas industries for increased safety and protection.

1. Explosion Proof Flashlight

The explosion-proof flashlightis built with an aluminum shell casing to safe keep the product from explosive particles and is a great tool for hazardous locations. Built with great durability and a high-power LED, this flashlight is perfect for industrial applications.

It has a rugged design and sophisticated appearance. The battery in explosion-proof flashlights has low emission rates, which makes it more durable. It’s made of lithium-ion, enabling the flashlight to last an entire day. Oil and gas industries operate with multiple machines that must be scrutinized frequently for smooth operation.


Explosion proof flashlights

Explosion-proof flashlights have high-power LED, which helps engineers to check every single feature of the machines properly and keep them running. These flashlights also come in handy in emergencies, where there has been a power outage in the middle of the operations.

Let’s look into some of the specifications of these lights:

●      Suitable for Zone 01 & Zone 02, Zone 21 & Zone 22.
●      Three-modes adjustable Stroboscopic light
●      Stable performance with large capacity
●      Anodised surface with a sophisticated appearance

2. Explosion Proof Led Light

Oilrigs and chemical industries require high-power, explosion-proof LED lights to operate in complete visibility and for monitoring purposes. These areas are prone to risk and should be well-lit with secure equipment that offers safety around the clock.

Made with high-power LED to provide enhanced visibility, explosion-proof LED lights produce crisp white light. They have efficient cooling fins to keep the temperature of the lights in control and emit bright light around the clock.

Explosion Proof Led Light

These cooling fins are placed densely to enhance the airflow and maintain the temperature at all times, making the product suitable for high-impact locations.

One of the most important features of installing explosion-proof LED lights is that these lights consume 90% less energy than traditional LED lights and have an innate capacity to last up to 100,00 hours. This makes them sustainable and nature-friendly choice for industrial operations.

3. Explosion Proof Work Light


Great mobility and sturdy, explosion-proof work lights are perfect for the oil and chemical industry, where worker requires sufficient lighting and secure equipment to operate. Made with aluminum housing and epoxy coating, these lights have a nice finish and can easily mobilise from one place to another.

Explosion Proof Work Lights bySharpEagle are specially designed for maximised efficiency and flexibility. Provided with wheels below for moving the device, the light source can be adjusted up to 120 degrees, according to the requirements.

Explosion Proof Work Light

Made with die-cast aluminum housing and finely coated with epoxy for a matte finish, these explosion-proof work lights have been built robustly for Zone 1,Zone 2, Zone 21 & Zone 22. The lighting head is adjustable and has a full360-degree rotation. Compact and lightweight, the explosion-proof work light is highly beneficial in the oil and gas industries.

4. Explosion Proof Linear Light

Robustly designed for hazardous areas, explosion-proof linear lights are made of a high-voltage electrostatic plastic spray surface cast with high-quality aluminium to contain any sparksfrom emitting outside and mixing with the explosive atmosphere in industries.

Engineered to provide linear light, the tubes in these lights can be replaced by simply removing the end cover. This shows the ease of use. Moreover, the wiring in linear lights is made of steel to ensure longevity against combustible particles.

Explosion Proof Linear Light

The linear lights have a glass lamp shade with a stainless steel exposed fastener. Due to the electrostatic cover, explosion-proof linear lights are always indem and, ensuring double safety in high-impact environments.

Acclimatised for Zone 1, 2, 21, and 22, explosion-proof linear lights have a high-power lighting mechanism and guaranteed durability.

5.     Explosion-Proof Led Linear Light

Advancement of the explosion-proof linear light, the explosion-proof LED linear lightemits a whiter light output. A copper-free aluminium surface complements the rugged design of the explosion-proof LED linear light.

These lights have a built-in LED driver with a 0.95 power factor. The surface has been treated with anodic oxidation, and the main exclosure is shielded with copper-free aluminium. Sleek and with high output, the explosion-proof LED linear light increases the visibility of the low-light manifold.

Explosion-Proof Led Linear Light

Due to the use of copper-free aluminium in its making, these lights are capable of limiting chances of ignition and sustaining in harsh conditions. Strongly built with the promise of fostering improved productivity amongst workers, explosion-proof LED lights are made for explosive industrial areas to ensure maximised safety.

6.     Explosion Proof Emergency Light

Highly efficient and robust,explosion-proof emergency lights are handy in industrial areas when there is a power outage. Operations in gas and oil industries cannot get stuck or delayed due to outage issues and requires good lighting sources to stay functional.

The explosion-proof emergency light can automatically charge once connected to a power supply. Unless utilised, the device stays fully charged. Hence you can depend on it when there is a power shortage. It has inbuilt adjustable features; thus, the light can be adjusted up to 270 degrees from top to bottom.

Explosion Proof Emergency Light

Made with advanced technology and state-of-the-art functions, the explosion-proof emergency lights have a digital charge indicator showing the light’s charging status. Super easy to install and durable, these lights have maintenance-free battery packs and an explosion-proof buzzer.

If the product is ever at fault or dysfunctional, the buzzer will be activated every 1-3 seconds to alert the maintenance team that it needs to be taken care of. Highly efficient and robust, this light has a high shelf life and is configured for industrial purposes.

7.     Explosion Proof Hid Light

Encased with die-cast aluminium and epoxy sprayed, the explosion-proof HID light has an integrated design and is suitable for explosive locations. The power supply cavity and the light source cavity are integrated with a special structural design, enabling the HID to emit enhanced light and look compact.

Explosion Proof Hid Light

The explosion-proof HID light also has an anti-glare glass cover to protect the eyes of the workers from overexposure to high brightness. These lights have a unique diffuse reflection to illuminate at a broader angle and help worker shave clear visibility.

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Made with the best quality materials to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment in the oil and gas industry, these explosion-proof lights will ensure complete safety in hazardous locations.

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